Associate Professor of Petroleum Engineering

Vice President of Oil and Gas Research Institute of Sahand University of Technology (SOGRI)
Sahand University of Technology



B. Sc., Chemical Engineering (Gas Industry), Tehran University, Iran, 1988


M. Sc., Chemical Engineering, Shiraz University, Iran, 1992


Ph.D. (2005),Production Engineering of oil and gas reservoir- Gubkin State University of oil and gas, Moscow, Russia thesis topic: Development of structures and peer estimation of plugging properties of reverse emulsions for methods of increase of

About me
Studies of the phase behavior of reservoir fluids
Studies of gas hydrates
well test

Communication with Dr. sahrae:

Research Projects:

1- Production of Faujasite Zeolite from Perlite.
2- A Comparison on the Relationship between Parameters of more than ten Cubic Equations of state.
3- Regeneration of Catalysts utilized in Desulphurization Unit of Refineries
4- Anaerobic treatment of Domestic Wastewater
5- Experimental study selective plugging technology by inverse emulsion for improved oil recovery in layered reservoirs
Courses Taught at Sahand University of Technology:
Mass Transfer, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer,
Measurement in Chemical Engineering, Mathematical Methods in Chemical
Engineering, Physical Chemistry Lab., Heat Transfer Lab. and Analytical
Chemistry Lab., Enhanced Oil Recovery, Advance Petroleum production, Natural Gas process Engineering

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